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Discreet Sex Dating Has Never Been Easier

The internet has really changed things, I can do a million and one things on my smart phone these days, and one of them is meeting local women. I've been using apps like Tinder and so on to 'swipe' and find a hookup, but they've been a massive let down. It was one evening when I was out with a few friends that they suggested I try an online dating site, so I got to and signed up, had a look around. It was only a couple of days until it started pouring in with emails from women who wanted to meet up. I can't complain, i've met plenty over the last couple of months and you know the best thing of all? It's discreet. There are not many sites I can use where everything is kept anon and private. Nobody likes to publicise what they get up to behind closed doors. All I can say is, my door is more often closed these days...

Keeping Your No-Strings Partner Under Wraps

So, big topic here, how do keep it all on the low. Let's put it this way, I used to keep all my adventures on the side on a totally separate mobile phone. Nowadays I just use the one phone and turn notifications off...definitely the way to go! Keeping your actions a secret can be easy. Make sure you do not have any lipstick or female perfume on you when you leave her house, love bites? try and make those a thing of the past, large collars on a jacket work well.